Can Cyberattacks Cause Human Fatalities?

Why the healthcare industry is under attack

To understand all of this, we must first understand why the healthcare industry is under attack in the first place. Of course, we must also understand that the healthcare industry isn’t alone. Any organization that uses computers is at risk of a cyberattack. However, the reason that so many hackers are going after the healthcare industry, itself, today is that it is classed as a national, critical infrastructure. This places it right up there alongside water, electricity, and transportation networks. Any hacker who wants to create chaos will attack these infrastructures, especially if they’re from a hostile foreign country or they’re connected to other critical facilities.

Understanding the risk cyberattacks pose to the healthcare industry

Understanding why the healthcare industry is under attack allows you to see where such attacks are coming from. But now, you may wonder why you should be so concerned about them. This answer lies in the risk that these cyberattacks pose, some of which was already mentioned. However, the risk goes much deeper.

Dealing with cyberattacks on the healthcare industry

Seeing how dangerous such attacks are, it’s important to understand how cybersecurity solutions empower healthcare.



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