Coronavirus Rapid Response: MedShare and Partners Send Masks to China

By: Patricia Salber MD, MBA

MedShare partners with The Coca-Cola Foundation and The UPS Foundation to send 1.8 million respirator masks to China in response to the coronavirus outbreak.

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The World Health Organization has designated the outbreak of the respiratory illness caused by the deadly Coronavirus as a global health emergency. This deadly virus has spread rapidly with more than 9,900 confirmed cases and 213 confirmed deaths as of Jan 30, 2020.

MedShare responds

MedShare, an Atlanta-based humanitarian aid organization dedicated to global health, is sending 800,000 protective masks valued at $430,000 to Hubei Province, China. Masks are urgently needed to provide protection for medical personnel to be able to effectively treat patients while working to contain the spread of the virus.

Our partners at UPS have chartered a plane that will fly from Atlanta to Hubei Province, China this Saturday. In collaboration with MAP International, one of our fellow Georgia Global Health Alliance members, we are collectively providing 2 million masks for the shipment.

While the virus has spread to 21 additional countries, the epicenter is Hubei Province, China. This is where the demand for medical supplies and resources is the greatest as they work diligently to get the outbreak under control.

Disaster preparedness

As we never know exactly when disasters will strike, MedShare works closely with our partners throughout the year to collect surplus supplies when they have them available. This ensures that we are well equipped to respond quickly in times of need. Our disaster preparedness efforts and collaboration with our partners positioned us to be able to respond to the Coronavirus outbreak with very little notice.

One challenge of responding to this crisis is the restrictions that are put on supplies being shipped into China. That’s why it’s so critical to have a network of strong partners on the ground in Hubei Province, the epicenter of the outbreak. They provide us with reliable feedback on how we can be most impactful. And, importantly, they ensure that we’re able to get supplies to the medical professionals who need them the most.

MedShare’s CEO points to partners as keys to success

In talking about MedShare’s Coronavirus response, Charles Redding, MedShare’s CEO and President said,

“I’ve lived and worked in China, so I realize that as much as we all want to help, the key is infrastructure. We are glad to work with the kind of partners who can deploy supplies where are needed most.”

We’re continuing to work closely with our partners to monitor the situation and make sure that we have the inventory on hand to provide additional relief as the situation with the Coronavirus outbreak evolves. This effort would not be possible without the generous support of our partners and donors.

Call to action

If you’d like to get involved, there are several ways that you can help to support our efforts.

  • Please share this news within your network and circle of influence
  • Volunteer to help sort and pack medical supplies
  • Contribute to our Disaster Relief Fund or Coronavirus Response Efforts
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Patricia Salber, MD, MBA is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of The Doctor Weighs In, a multi-media health news company. She has been honored by LinkedIn as one of ten Top Voices in Healthcare in both 2017 and 2018. Prior to moving into health journalism, she was a physician executive who worked in all aspects of healthcare including practicing emergency physician, health plan executive, consultant to employers, CMS, and other organizations. She loves to read and write about just about anything that has to do with healthcare. Pat serves on the Board of Trustees of MedShare, a global humanitarian organization.

Originally published at on February 1, 2020.

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