How Important is Sleep for Women’s Health?

By Agatha Singer

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Early Risers Have a Lower Risk of Breast Cancer

According to a recent study by the National Cancer Research Institute, women who are early risers have a reduced risk of developing breast cancer. The so-called ‘larks’ function better during the first half of the day and have an astounding 40% lower risk of developing this particular disease.

Poor Sleep Quality Speeds Up Aging in Pre-Menopausal Women

The expression ‘beauty sleep’ is rather apt as there is no doubt that maintaining a regular sleep schedule is one of the best of enhancing your natural beauty. It acts in a similar way to a clean diet, which is another such method. This means that getting a healthy rest optimizes your body function, thereby making your look fresh and naturally attractive.

Women Who Snore Have a Greater Risk of Heart Disease

At the end of November, the Radiological Society of North America published a study provided some data which some may consider worrying. According to this information, women suffering from obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) develop cardiac issues earlier than men who suffer from the same condition.

Sleep Loss Causes DNA Changes Which Increase Weight Gain

A team of researchers from Uppsala University determined that acute sleep loss leads to epigenetic changes in DNA methylation. This study offers solid proof that sleep deprivation triggers tissue-specific changes, which affect adipose tissue in particular.

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Importance of Healthy Sleep Patterns for Women’s Health: Final Thoughts

The knowledge that getting regular healthy sleep is important for health is not new. But current research sheds some light on how women can protect their health by changing specific sleeping habits. These changes do not come easily, but their impact upon the body is significant.

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