How Writing Can Help Your Personal Growth

Keeping a journal

The most common way to get into writing and to practice getting your thoughts down is to keep a journal. This is similar to a diary, but you’re not just writing about what happened in your day, you are writing about anything and everything that you want.

Set goals and targets

Putting goals and aspirations in writing makes them more concrete and can help you reach them. Instead of just thinking, “Okay. Today, I’m going to eat healthily and do lots of exercises,” thoughts that can quickly be forgotten if it’s simply floating around your mind, write it down.

Progressing your career

Of course, writing is a huge part of any business, and writing on your own time will help improve your writing skills over time. This can directly affect your performance at work in a positive way. You’ll be able to communicate better with people in the workplace, as well as with customers, which will make you more effective with the people you interact with.

Improve your listening skills

Of course, it’s entirely possible to write simply about what you know and what you’re thinking, but this isn’t real life. In your life, you’ll always be talking to other people and listening to what they say, as well as their point of views.

Use online tools

It can take years to master the art of writing, and it can get quite frustrating when you’re not as good as you want to be. Here are some tools that can help you get better and better.

  • Grammarix or Grammerly — online grammar checkers
  • Academadvisor — online writing service where you can connect with other writers who can share experiences and advice.
  • Revieweal — online writing community that can help you improve your grammar skills.
  • State of Writing — online blog with a ton of resources on everything related to writing
  • AustralianHelp — online writing community full of professional writers who can help you write, as well as writing guides you can follow. This community is recommended by Best Australian Writers.
  • My Writing Way — online blog with an extensive list of posts and articles on writing for mindfulness.
  • Paper Fellows — writing service that can help you proofread and edit your work while improving your skills. The Huffington Post covered these services in their “Write My Essay feature.
  • Via Writing — online blog with information that can better your overall writing skills.

Explore the world

To write properly, captivatingly, and for mindfulness purposes, you’re going to need a bit of an understanding of the world. The more you write, the more you’ll begin to explore new concepts and new ideas, feeding your curiosity on the world.

Helping you to come up with new ideas

Have you ever been stuck trying to figure something out, whether it’s a new book that you want to read, a new project that you want to involve yourself in, or even just a creative thought that you want to try out? Whatever is it, thinking about it over and over again in your head is typically one of the worse ways to approach it.

Increase your ability to understand

We all know someone who is completely closed off to new ideas and concepts and can’t accept them unless it’s something they already know. The more receptive you become to new ideas and the more you explore, hand in hand with the point above, the more you’ll be able to find out what you truly believe in and want out of life.



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