Medinas Health Creates a New Solution for an Old Problem

(Photo by Kelly Sullivan/Getty Images for the WeWork Creator Awards — Supplied by Chloe Alpert)

Red flags and research

Medical equipment no longer needed by original owners (Photo supplied by Chloe Alpert, Medinas Health)

Doing the math

A company is born

A born entrepreneur

The healthcare connection

How does Medinas work?

  • Hospitals that want to sell still good equipment so they can use the money to purchase newer models
  • Hospitals, usually smaller ones, that want to acquire equipment but cannot afford to buy it new
  • Manufacturers that want to be sure their re-sold equipment is properly maintained (Medinas helps them get the service contract to do the work)
  • Brokers who used to be the main intermediary between buyers and sellers but struggled with supply, prompt reliable payment and access to reliable buyers.

What does Medinas provide?

  • Inventory management software
  • A database that informs the current value of a hospital’s equipment. (Unlike cars, there isn’t an “accurate blue book for the secondary market.”)
  • Ratings on the reliability of buyers and sellers (similar to Amazon)
  • Onsite consulting to get set up with the platform and tools

Transparency and trust

Determining value

Something for the manufacturers

What about the brokers?

What are they selling?

Used MRI machine that’s available for resale. Photo supplied by Chloe Alpert, Medinas Health

How does Medinas make money?

Winning awards

The aspiration

What’s next?




Dr. Patricia Salber and friends weigh in on leading news in health and healthcare

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The Doctor Weighs In

The Doctor Weighs In

Dr. Patricia Salber and friends weigh in on leading news in health and healthcare

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