One Couple’s Journey on the Bumpy Road of Infertility

By: Christine Kahan and Aaron Kahan

Photo Source: iStock Photos

A mountain of infertility medications

A mountain of medications arrived. Then my days began to consist of being poked with a needle for blood work, prodded with a speculum for an ultrasound and injected with three different medicines each night.

The second round of IVF

Did you know on the average only 25% of embryos actually go on to develop and become kids? Neither did I. So after our failed first attempt, we continued on with the second round of IVF. We had to go through the whole process again as we did not have any high-quality embryos to freeze.

The emotional and dollar cost of infertility treatments

Now, like every other portion of this bumpy road, we wait, attempt to get our hopes up and learn the steps for the next part of the process. Our next and unexplored step will be the Frozen Cycle Embryo thaw. This means that instead of going through the entire ovary stimulation process, I now have to wait for my period.

The bumpy journey on our infertility journey

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