Reducing the Risk of Surgery One Patient at a Time

My aunt was a second mother to me

My aunt was a second mother to me. I grew up with her, spending every one of my summer breaks at her home. Because my mom had a busy clinical practice, she could never really take a summer break. My aunt ended up being the caregiver for my grandparents, other family members, and even our family dog. Somehow, she always seemed to have the energy to do it all. She was a mathematical genius and her passion for the subject was infectious. Every summer, she challenged me for many hours a day with math problems, somehow managing to make it fun. Just as my mom was our family’s primary doctor, my aunt was our family’s primary event organizer. She organized all our holidays making it enjoyable for all age groups. And she did all this so gracefully. Always ready to serve, she hesitated to bother others for her needs.

Trying to make sense of it all

In the wee hours of the morning, my mom could hardly make sense of all that had happened. How could her own sister be dead days after a laparoscopic surgery? How many thousands of women had she personally witnessed go through such surgeries! From her own point of view, surgery had evolved so much. Operations like this had become so much safer.

A “routine procedure” on a “healthy” patient

On that fateful morning, my aunt was the first of many such cases that this surgeon performed in that same operating room with that same team. How was she different? Perhaps she was at a higher risk for infection and blood clots compared to the other patients? The surgical team followed a standardized evidence-based protocol; but in speaking with leading surgeons and scouring academic journals, I found published research on many specific risk factors for each type of complication after surgery.

Ready Surgery

That is why I started Ready Surgery — an AI-Enhanced Risk Intelligence Platform built by and for surgeons & anesthesiologists to ensure that every patient will have a successful outcome through personalized risk management. Personalized Medicine may seem to some as a new buzzword; but to me, it simply means one safe surgery at a time; one young woman, like my aunt, at a time. Medical rigor means no family ever looks back after surgery and wonder if anything could have been done differently.

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